Inclusive Access


Inclusive Access or IA is our digital cost savings program here at WCU. It provides you with the digital form of the material at the lowest cost to you.

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Course Materials Department

Ebook or Courseware

Inclusive Access materials will either be an ebook or courseware. Ebooks are just the digital form of the text while courseware has important add-ons like videos, activities, and assignments that are necessary for the class.

Accessing IA Materials

1. Your D2L  

To access your IA materials, you will go to your course D2L page and click on the Content tab.

2. IA Tab

Then find the Inclusive Access tab.

3. Ebooks

If you are accessing an ebook you will use the "Access VitalSource" link to launch your book.

4. Courseware

For accessing courseware, you will be looking for the publisher's courseware brand link or following instructions from your professor.

What if I don't want Inclusive Access?

   ​If you do not want to use IA you can opt out and be refunded. You will receive an email about a week before classes begin which has a list of your IA materials and prices and an opt out button at the bottom for you to use. If you choose to opt out, you will be responsible for finding your materials elsewhere.

   Deadline: Winter 2023 / 2024 - 12/20/2023

   Deadline: Spring 2024 - 1/30/24

   Deadline: Fall 2023 - 9/5/2023


Additional Support

Vital Source:


McGraw-Hill (Connect):




Please Note: As courses continue to add required materials after the tuition bills have been released you may see additional inclusive access charges added. These additional charges will need to be paid or the student will need to opt out of the materials by the opt out deadline.