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WCU Inclusive Access Faculty FAQ’S

Inclusive Access (IA) is a collaboration between your professor, WCU Campus Store, and the publisher of your materials. This was created to provide you with the least expensive way to purchase your materials, combined with the convenience of charging the materials to your WCU account. The course materials your professor has chosen are delivered directly to you in a digital format through D2L. There is no need to purchase a textbook.


How do I sign my course up for the Inclusive Access program?

If you are interested in IA please contact the Textbook Manager at the WCU Campus Store (Dave Urbany, [email protected]) or you may reach out to your specific publisher representative.


Do all publishers use Inclusive Access?

Most of the major publishing companies have materials available through Inclusive Access. Please contact Dave Urbany or your publisher representative for more details. More publishers are joining IA as the program grows nationwide. If you title is not yet available on IA, it may soon be.


When do I need to finalize my decision for Inclusive Access?

IA is a fairly detailed process, which requires some lead time to set up properly. If you would like to use IA, the deadlines for the Campus Store are as follows:
Spring/Winter  - November 15th 
Summer - April 15th

Fall - May 25th 


Who is involved in Inclusive Access?

IA is a collaboration between the Campus Store, the publisher of your chosen course materials, & Verba/VitalSource. Verba/Vital/Source is the company that we have partnered with to deliver content digitally.


I have already setup my Inclusive Access and I need assistance, who do I contact?

Your questions/concerns can be directed to the Textbook Manager at the WCU Campus Store (Dave Urbany, [email protected]). As necessary, we will involve the specific publisher you are working with, and Verba/VitalSource to ensure an answer/solution.


Revised Store Hours/Address

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Wednesday - Thurs: 8am - 6pm 

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Saturday: 9am - 3pm

Sunday: 11am - 3pm 


110 W. Rosedale Ave.
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