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Frequently Asked Questions


The reservation program allows you to get your books without the hassle of searching for your books during the back-to-school rush in the Bookstore. By simply visiting our Textbook Reservation page, you can reserve the books you'll need for all your classes. In addition, when you prepay for your books, you will also avoid waiting in line to check out. When you utilize this program you can simply go to the textbook area to pickup your books, all of which are pre-boxed. Then you can go about the business of settling in for the semester.


Who selects the textbooks that are sold at the WCU Campus Store?

Course materials are chosen by your class instructor. Instructors choose course materials that will complement what they will present in class.


Why should I purchase my textbooks?

Textbooks and course materials serve as "tools of the trade" to inform and guide you toward subject matter mastery and classroom success. Textbooks present, in a meaningful organized format, large amounts of complex information. Your textbook is a resource that is available to you 24/7.


Which is better: a new or a used textbook?

This is a matter of preference. Used books are less expensive but may contain writing, highlighting or other marks that some people find distracting. New textbooks are free of any markings and are usually preferred if you plan on keeping the book to be used as a reference.


How much can I expect to pay each semester for textbooks?

This varies widely depending on what courses you are taking. Like everything else, Textbooks will continue to increase in price every year. Most students will pay between $400.00 and $500.00 per semester for books. Yes, textbooks are expensive, but they usually represent the smallest part of your investment in your college education.


What books may I sell at buyback?

You may sell any book you own that is required again on our campus or that has a value in our vast textbook database.


What determines the price of my books that I sell at buyback?

Your textbooks fall into 3 categories: retail books, wholesale books, and no value books.

Retail Books will always bring you top dollar. These are books that your professors have told the bookstore they will be using in the upcoming term.

Wholesale Books are books being shipped off campus. Either your instructor isn’t teaching the course next term, maybe they changed the text that will be used, or maybe they just didn’t request the books for their course yet. The value of these books is determined by several factors. Some of these factors are: the publisher’s selling price of this title, the national demand for this title and the amount of inventory this wholesaler (used book dealer) has of this title.

No Value Books are titles that publishers have changed the edition or have announced that they are changing the edition.  This category of titles also might be that they have no national demand for them. Meaning that very few schools are using this title in their curriculum.


I know this book is being used again. Why did I only get a wholesale price for it?

Maybe the instructor has not submitted their request for this course yet, or maybe the bookstore already has the quantity, for this title, that they need.


What happens to the books I sell to the wholesaler?

These books are packed and shipped to the distribution center. These titles are then available for purchase by other bookstores nationwide.


How does buyback benefit me?

By participating in this process, you are ensuring that quality used books are available to you and to future students at this university and at other colleges and universities. And best of all, recycling textbooks is an environmentally sound practice.




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