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Textbook Rental

We have a wide selection of textbooks which are available to rent. Any book available for rental will have the option online or a "Rent It" tag on the shelf.

Ordering online? No problem, any book that is available as a rental will have a "USED RENTAL" or "NEW RENTAL" option which you can add to your cart. 

- Spring Return Deadline 1/28/2020

- Rentals due back by 5/9/2020
- FALL Rental Returns due back 12/14/19


We'll Keep You On Track

When you rent with us, we send reminder emails throughout the semester to let you know you rented books from us. The emails list each book you've rented and the due date the books need to be returned by. This way you don't need to keep track yourself and more importantly, not pay any late fee's!

Rental Agreement 


The Textbook Rental Program provides students currently enrolled at West Chester University the opportunity to rent selected textbooks for the current semester. In consideration of the opportunity, I hereby agree to accept and abide by the following terms and conditions.

  • I agree to rent the book(s) listed on the purchase receipt for a single payment of the rental price listed. I acknowledge the book(s), whether new or used, is in good condition-- clean, lightly marked and in fully resalable condition.
  • I agree to return the same book(s) listed on the receipt in a clean, lightly marked and fully resalable condition on or before the rental return due date, (SPRING 20 Rental Return 5/9/2020)
  • I agree to pay the West Chester University Campus Store replacement cost and a $15 fee, per rented book, if the rental book(s) listed are not returned by the rental due date, for any reason, including loss or theft, or returned items in a non-resalable condition, such as water damage by liquids, chemical spills, fire, tooth marks, missing components/pages or having a damaged book cover and/or spine, or otherwise damaged and/or deemed not resalable by the West Chester University Campus Store.
  • The last day for return of a book for a full refund of a rental is the same date that is posted for any textbook purchase return. The return date is posted within the West Chester University Campus Store, as well as on for the current term.
  • Books rented after the Add/Drop date are non-refundable.
  • I agree that non-returned and/or damaged items will be billed at the current new replacement cost and a $15.00 late rental processing fee as shown on the receipt.
  • All rentals remain the property of the West Chester University Campus Store while in my possession.
  • I accept all responsibility for risk of loss from any cause, including theft, lost item(s)  or return in a non-resalable condition, such as damage caused by liquids (rain, snow, coffee, juice, water), chemical spills, fire (scorched) tooth marks (rodents, pets, human, etc.), missing components and/or pages, or damage to the rental cover or spine.
  • I agree that the West Chester University Campus Store reserves the right to deny me of future rental opportunities should I fail to adhere to the terms and conditions of this Textbook Rental Agreement.
  • I certify I am currently enrolled at West Chester University, 18 years of age or older, and have read and understand the terms of this agreement.
  • If you do not return the rented textbooks by the due date, (SPRING 20 Rental Return 5/9/2020), the West Chester University Campus Store will make 3 attempts to charge the securing credit card you provided at the time of purchase for the fees as indicated above. After 3 failed attempts your account will be sent to the collection agency, Coast Professional, Inc. 

Rental Return


Rental textbooks can be returned to the University Store any time during the semester the textbooks were obtained. Rental books are due the last day of Final Exams for the term in which they were rented. Rentals must be returned to a University Store cashier, at University Store buyback locations. All Rentals must be returned or accompanied by the rental customers’ name, Student ID#, and email address. Rentals that are returned without the proper customer information cannot be processed, and will be charged a replacement fee. We accept rental returns through the mail provided they are post-marked by the due date. For rental returns, please ship to:

  • WCU Campus Store
  • Sykes Student Union Building
  • 110 Rosedale Ave.
  • West Chester, PA 19383

Please include contact information (full name and current phone number) and student ID number. As a courtesy, we will send a reminder notice to the email address you provided during your rental checkout and on your rental agreement. However, it is your responsibility to return the book by the due date, even if you do not receive this email. Remember that rental books are due by the last day of Finals.



eBooks are completely digitalized textbooks and can be accessed by logging into your account on our website. They are digital versions of printed textbooks enhanced with features such as note taking, highlighting, high speed search, and printing.

eBooks are convenient, good for the environment and your budget, delivered to your desktop, and accessible across all of your mobile devices.


Access Your EBook

Here is how you can purchase and access your eBook:

  • Purchase the eBook online.
  • After your purchase is made, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your ebook.
  • eBooks can then be accessed through your WCU Campus Store account.
  • The "Activate and Access eBooks" option is under the My Account option after signing in.
  • Follow the easy on-screen prompts to download your eBook.
  • You will need the latest version of the free reader software to read your eBook.
  • Once the eBook has been activated it CANNOT be returned.

  • Windows 7, MAC OSX, Free eReader Software
  • Browser Support:
    Online - Safari 5, Google Chrome 25
    Offline - Firefox, Internet Explorer

  • Customer Support
  • Call: 888-886-0801
  • Email: [email protected]



eBooks can be returned within the return period at the beginning of the semesters.

In order to return the eBook, the eBook must not have been activated or downloaded.

Please note that eBooks are not eligible for buyback.

Please note that printing and expiration restrictions are set by the publishers and NOT by the WCU Campus Store.