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We stay competitive for textbooks / rentals and our prices change. 
For the best pricing check back 2 weeks before classes start.

Online Ordering Information

Reservations are now being accepted for the upcoming semesters(s). This means that orders can be placed now, but will be processed as the semester approaches.  When placing an order, an authorization hold for $1.00 will take place on your card. We will only charge you for what items we actually process for your order. If an item is back-ordered, you won’t be charged until that item arrives. This may mean that your order is processed in multiple shipments. We now accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and WCU Gift cards. Prices are subject to change and often do occur daily.

NEW and USED Book PreferencesWhen placing your order, you can choose from the below textbook conditions.

New preferred = a NEW book will be processed, but if NEW is out of stock, then a USED copy will be processed in its place.
Used preferred = a used copy will be processed, but it USED is out of stock, then a NEW copy will be processed in its place.
The same preferences also apply to rentals. =If you request a rental copy, you will receive a rental.
If a USED book is out-of-stock, a NEW book will be processed in its place.
PLEASE NOTE: If a USED book is out-of-stock, a NEW book will be processed in its place.

If you want a specific preference only (ie, new only, used only) please use note field at payment screen to make note, otherwise the process above will occur. 
 Abandoned course material orders not picked up by the customer during the term will become the property of the WCU Campus Store at the conclusion of the semester.

Course Recommendation Codes

Required – You are required to purchase the book.
Recommended – The text will be used in class, but it is not required for the course.
Either/Or – You must choose one of the two options given.
RENTAL & USED: – Supplemental materials (access codes, DVDs, workbooks) are not guaranteed.

To ensure arrival time of course materials to the store
we won't begin processing orders until: 

Spring Term: January 13th, 2020

Winter Term: December 11th, 2019